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The new cabinet hardware accessories market development analysis

release time:2016-08-02 16:48:57

Kitchen cabinet hardware and accessories as a base element, its mechanical properties, precision manufacturing, rust, moisture resistance, fatigue properties of the movable member directly affects the overall quality of kitchen cabinets, have a significant impact on the normal use and service life of kitchen cabinets . Determined based hardware accessories must grasp the quality characteristics: Appearance: smooth appearance accessories are factory uniform, fine, uniform, burr-free, rust and other defects, high precision, good interchangeability, formal brand, origin and quality assurance of the commitment period ; brand-name manufacturers of products the appearance of rough, often visible defects, no quality assurance commitment. Cabinet hardware accessories well-known brands: the world has produced hundreds of kitchen accessories known brands, the performance of the more prominent are Blum Austria, Italy Fen Nier, Germany Hettich, sea Fule, European Ferrari, GRASS , Mepla and so on. EU to send selected the world's top brand Blum hardware accessories. Cabinet hardware accessories dealers have always been the necessary resources in the enterprise market competition, the time when the traditional shopkeeper is faced with the dilemma of unsustainable, second and third tier market depth, to explore consumer-centric sales model to become cabinet hardware and auto accessories business major issue. Instant scratch and enter the level of high-speed development. Mainly due to the following reasons: 1, the policy basis. Urbanization has been a big social development policy, but the stage is really the peak after 2002. Whether big cities or small cities, have set off a real estate construction, urban transformation climax, commercial buildings everywhere, real estate sales continued hot and farmers into the city to become a fashion and pursuit.橱柜配件


2, the consumer base. In the overall revenue growth throughout the second tier cities in the consumer class, the gap between rich and poor has widened. In a near-equal of the vast rural market, the new rich class in the new round of economic growth continue to emerge, they have a market with consumer spending, cabinet hardware accessories for their products is no longer a luxury, but has become the strength to show self symbol. 3, the market infrastructure. With the conduct of urban construction, with dirty, chaotic, and poor as the main feature of the traditional building materials store model has become the focus of the transformation of the second tier cities. The new, large-scale, standardized, unified operation, unified management of the new building materials market were born to provide a basis for entry into the market and the substance and selling cabinet hardware accessories brand products. It is this sophisticated consumer base and market infrastructure, coupled with the competitive pressures of the primary market, secondary and tertiary markets are naturally cabinet hardware accessories brands battleground. However, the common is accidental, differences are inevitable. Different market levels, different consumer groups, consumer behavior and marketing objective environment and a very big market gap, cabinet hardware and auto parts businesses can not look on the primary market secondary and tertiary markets, but can not easily be a level market model successfully copied to the secondary and tertiary markets. "Unless noted, content chosen by Hongxing furniture finishing, please indicate the link and source」

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