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The development direction of the furniture hardware industry analysis

release time:2016-08-02 16:45:37

Furniture accessories, namely, in the decoration of furniture accessories. Including furniture materials (glass, sponges, furniture, paper, etc.), kitchen furniture accessories (drawers, bins, rice boxes, shutter doors, etc.), office furniture accessories (chairs, screens, separated from Sri Lanka walls, computer keyboard shelf, etc.) as well as lighting and related accessories. Plastic furniture plastic accessories including crystal jewelry accessories, plugs, gloves, pads, ranked skeleton, gaskets, handles, foot cover and other accessories. Metal industry is facing severe competition of open the door to the world after the First WTO, opening up more than 1.2 billion market. The domestic market and gradually integrated with the international market, foreign goods can freely enter the Chinese market, the Chinese market to international. Large-scale seminar on the development prospects of Asia held in Tokyo, three seminars China. The conclusion is: 10 years, China may become the outstanding strength of the global manufacturing center. The reason: It has unmatched cost structure and a steady stream of cheap labor, it can a lot of information into the capital equipment, coupled with disciplined labor force, productivity soared. Architectural hardware, plumbing hardware, furniture hardware, decorative hardware, tools, hardware five categories on thousands of products, imports accounted for 40%, only 60% domestic. Second, from the current situation of China's construction hardware Industry. Some of our current architectural hardware industry have a certain competitiveness, both domestic and foreign markets can be competitive, but on the whole the level of architectural hardware products is relatively low, the majority of small and medium enterprises, small-scale, low-grade products, technological backwardness, economic strength is poor, lack of competitiveness, there are challenges of life and death in the fierce competition. Especially now still produce poor quality products business, if not immediately improve, will face the risk of bankruptcy. According to AQSIQ and technical supervision departments over the 2002 product sampling results Beijing, Shanghai, Henan, Guangdong and some other rubber plastic furniture accessories market, the quality is indeed worrying. Ceramic faucet Beijing Technical Supervision second quarter of 2002 in Beijing building materials and hardware market and hardware store run checks 41 units of 50 kinds of products, only 14 kinds of qualified, a pass rate of 28%. To make such enterprises gradually developed into a competitive, able to promote the development of industry of large enterprises or enterprise groups. The second category: in five years grace period or can maintain for a while in the present, but the competition is not strong, stand the test of competition. Such enterprises must enhance the sense of crisis and urgency, to actively adjust the product structure and take the initiative to improve the competitiveness of such enterprises to support to help them ride out the storm. The third category: continue to produce inferior products, hurt the country entrap people. Such enterprises, if not immediately corrected, is bound to be eliminated, survival of the fittest, in line with the laws of market economy development. Hardware industry faces a choice in a highly competitive situation, but also to see our strengths, confidence, countermeasures. According to insiders, how to choose a good hardware accessories, the key depends on surface smoothness, and feel sensation when attention turned requires smooth and comfortable, no noise or low noise. In recent years, with the improvement of the Beijing people's living standards, improve the living conditions of the people for building hardware requirements have become more sophisticated, the demand for this market, only the hardware companies continue to develop and produce high-grade building hardware in order to match the high-end building phase.   "Unless noted, content chosen by Hongxing furniture finishing, please indicate the link and source」

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