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Kitchen hardware accessories in the chosen what about it?

release time:2016-08-02 16:40:17

N If you only looked at the door door pretty table with a comfortable, that is a good standard kitchen yet? You would be wrong. In damp, smoky kitchen environment, do not underestimate the importance of drawer handles, door hinges, slides, drawer, wall racks and other hardware accessories, their quality and choice is good or bad will directly affect the your daily use and life. Base metal, durable and easily more important: life in the kitchen, use the drawers, doors, etc. are the most frequent. Hardware associated with it live yo contains hinges, handles, rails, etc., also known as basic hardware accessories. They will directly affect the use of effects and life. Usually the choice, in order to produce Op quick snap-on and with better damping, generally are equipped with such hardware of the street is simple, switch freely characteristics. 1 drawer door smoothly: anxious to get something, the drawers are many and heavy, opened the drawer becomes torture. The side doors will disobedient loose relationship, then you is not it crazy? This is due to the slide hinge not choose the right reason. The merits of the main difference between them lies in the material, principles, structures, equipment, technology. Just a little attention, will be able to know a little pull a drawer pull. Pull mode-related structures: the future relationship between the metal material deformation, rust, and smoke it and configurations, primarily hidden, tubular wheel, ball-type and so on. General domestic rail and hinge difficult to meet corresponding requirements in the special environment in the kitchen. Even well short time, but over time the problem will appear. 2, air support to take things easy: Careful you must find all OTC cabinet lowest utilization rate is not convenient storage space. The on the turn pneumatic air support is mainly used to support the OTC open up doors. Just gently force, it will automatically open the door slowly. Do not have to hand propped the door, more convenient time and effort to pick up such things.\


On the flip gospel cabinet accessories: flip-air support on the narrow kitchen space, but in terms of the Gospel. However, due to process this type of hardware is relatively complex, and use frequently, so choose high-quality products is very important. Recommendation to brand a long, good brand reputation is appropriate. Next, turn on the air bearing matching the OTC height should be adjusted according to height and, for ease of use. Functional hardware in accordance with the needs of a more intimate: in the kitchen pots and pans and other utensils of daily life in one of the largest regional brand, how to get rid of the messy kitchen without a state? In addition to some basic hardware accessories, there are many powerful storage hardware can help you. Some clever use of space horns care basket, linked to the use of wall space, rack and so on. However, this is not Allison are all that is required, mainly to see the various preferences and needs may be. Wall space utilization: "! Good use of wall space, storage is no longer a small thing to worry about." When the kitchen space is limited, "filled", the housewives will feel helpless and helpless. Use of the wall would be no better method of expansion. Individual style and overall hook rack can be installed on the wall needed not only accommodating different knife and fork, spoon chopsticks, mugs, and even small pots and pans, bottles ...... simple change can make the kitchen in an orderly manner. In addition, there are some special hardware accessories, can be placed in the OTC space below to add storage space. Smart Hardware kitchen enjoying a new life: kitchen intelligent being constantly improved, has been improved and is now used in the hardware. Intelligent hardware, a lot of use of electric induction. Regardless of the severity of the drawer, just a light touch or pull, will be able to automatically open and close. Cupboard sliding doors are mostly open and active return, even holding hands items, but also the freedom to control, make life in the kitchen easier and more enjoyable. Kitchen intimate or not. Most are reflected in some of the details. In terms of design, layout, material selection - installed hardware gadget, every detail will make later use more smooth and comfortable. therefore. On the kitchen or planning should be based on the specific needs of the actual situation and develop a personalized and intimate program and every detail thoughtful. "Unless noted, content chosen by Hongxing furniture finishing, please indicate the link and source」

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