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Putting in a lot of human, financial and creative breakthroughs and innovations in speaker technology

release time:2016-08-02 16:34:15

China's main export market is Europe, America and speakers in Asia, where the United States is China's largest importer, accounting for 23% of China's total exports. While the UK, Germany and other European countries are major exporting countries China, but in Europe, China does not have a clear advantage, Chinese exports of creative speaker products in Europe vulnerable to the risk of trade barriers and anti-dumping, while the EU as a free trade area, the competitive advantage of low tariffs and zero barriers also inhibit the speaker export share in Europe improved. Chinese in Singapore and Vietnam share lower, but China is still the largest importer of these two countries. Singapore and Vietnam are important exporters of speakers, most countries in the global export market share is difficult to improve the speaker's situation, Chinese exporters can choose to focus on the market in Singapore and Vietnam. Most markets around the world are concentrated in the higher market share of the region in which the Philippines, Lebanon, Pakistan and other Asian countries with a high share of the market but also a high growth rate, mainly due to the economic level of these countries has improved, promote the speaker industry consumption. Chinese exporters can pay close attention to the African market. Despite the economic conditions and the geographical environment, the scale has been imported African region, but along with the development of economy, this situation will be changed. 40 per cent of the world's population, Africa is likely to become the focus of market speakers consumption. The main speaker on the international market, exporting countries are China mainland and Hong Kong, where the Chinese mainland ranked first. China is the speaker export superpower, compared with other leading countries have obvious advantages. Despite China's largest export volume, but in the high-tech fields and related ancillary areas, many European and American countries have been at the forefront of the world. This depends not only on its sound economic system itself, but also thanks to their speaker manufacturers for new technologies and new marketing model of innovation. Speakers need to rely on industry as a technological breakthrough with a new experience for the consumer industry, natural links in addition to good sales service, need to invest a lot of manpower and financial resources for technological breakthroughs and innovation, in order to research and development than other companies or countries more advanced technology, to obtain a more substantial market share and profits.

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