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A huge increase in the number of machine tools, machine tool maintenance, recycling and re-manufacturing into development

release time:2016-08-02 16:31:39

In terms of industrial development, also have to adhere to the orientation of the socialist market economy, with the development of China's machine tool industry, industrial automation, machine tools, industrial upgrading and technological progress has made great progress, which also accelerated for our spindle test bar implement new road to industrialization rely on technological progress and sustainable development transition. However, machine tool manufacturing industry is an important manifestation of high-end equipment manufacturing industry, with the machine tool industry for the production of precision and efficiency requirements increase, China's machine tool industry for urgent by the large number of ordinary machine in this context, machine maintenance , recycling and re-manufacturing development has become a top priority. As the world's largest machine tool ownership countries, China's machine tool population reached 800 million units, more than 10 years of military age old tradition of machine tools accounted for about 50%. In the next 5--10 years, these machines are likely to form remanufactured potential resources sizable recycled. With the continuous development of industrial economy, China has all kinds of general machine tools more than 400 million units, of which a quarter of the machine is more than 30 years of military age, and the transformation of these machines has no value, to be eliminated update, some 70% of the remaining CNC machine tool is transformation. For many ordinary machine tools to implement the transformation and updating, the update can be formed billions of market demand, maintaining economic growth, can play a role. Therefore, the NC renovation project may be formed several hundred billion dollars of industrial added value. Various machine parts, machine tool accessories and machine tool accessories, CNC boring head RBH attention in the market. To this end, we query the machine tool accessories sales of the manufacturers, we found that since eighteen years, the market feedback significantly improved, increasing sales. Simulation is a low cost, high efficiency, high safety of the scientific method. Simulation can save hardware investment, saves time, and can identify problems as early as possible, but also allows researchers to avoid being disturbed trivial sorts of things actual experiment, focus on solving the core theoretical issues. Simulation can also be easily set to any desired value simulation conditions, enabling researchers to depth and thorough analysis of the problem, multi-angle multi-criteria to verify the theory. For some difficult, long time, the high cost of experiments, simulation methods have their irreplaceable position. These are far from the actual experiments can not reach. To mathematical statistics error separation technique to simulate the effectiveness of verification, simulation assessment of their separation accuracy, and the error value in the form of polar coordinates that out students capable of intuitive error analysis. I used Matlab7.0 developed a special openness spindle rotation error simulation software system, and on the application of mathematical simulation system statistical error separation technique spindle back several errors were simulated measurements. To make the simulation results meaningful, must address the conditions as much as possible in line with the actual situation, I refer to the actual machine tool spindle error measurement principle, the original hardware required spindle Rally collected sensor data calculated by the software to achieve, in order to achieve the simulation of sensor data other processes and the actual measured exactly. Machine Tool Spindle Error simulation system through the rotation axis calculation error separation technique to give spindle error data error, after the eccentric motion data and roundness error data, these three sets of data, respectively, from the original rotating spindle simulated input data error, the eccentric motion data roundness error data and comparing this evaluation separation error separation technique.  "Copyright, reproduced or quoted, please indicate the link and source」

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