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Furniture in improving the most common connector of the triple connections furniture

release time:2016-08-02 16:30:48

Most of the furniture is now embedded connector (ie, triple) connection. Furniture wood-based panels are connected by means of hardware. Triple link member is the most common furniture fittings. Triple connections in the equivalent of the traditional carpentry nails and Falcon groove structure, made up bolt, screw, eccentric three parts. Chinese furniture production furniture is the maximum amount of a class, and furniture, the triple connections, furniture hinges, ball bearing slide and other furniture hardware accessories is the largest amount. Triple easy to use. However, the manufacturers claim will be higher. Lower feed manufacturers, punching all the necessary requirements are very precise. Most businesses do not have to triple the price calculated separately, and build a more than 10,000 furniture is triple had to use hundreds of pieces. Triple the cost is not cheap, trenching, drilling (class customized furniture sometimes error-prone punch) and relatively high demand. Why manufacturers without nails and to select a triple it? Nails not only cheaper cost. And the installation more convenient. Do not use nails and furniture plate has a direct relationship. Furniture materials used either MDF or particle board, all recycled materials, his advantage is no clear direction, even by force, but because it is itself bonded structure, the elastic differential, especially the side force is very fragile crack, woodworking words just do not eat nails, triple connections to solve the problem of this series. When choosing furniture boards also need to be careful. Base plate or to choose the right thing, so nail holding power will be stronger, secondary disassembly is easy, you can use some longer. Most furniture variations are associated with the substrate. Good base in the use of the process will slowly understand. Poor substrate may use three years. Good board substrate using at least 5 years 10 years did not have problems of Kazakhstan. Dongguan Hongxing Furniture Parts Co., Ltd. is located in Guangdong and Hong Kong economic corridor "furniture," said Houjie, convenient transportation. It is a production of furniture hardware accessories, Central America stickers, cabinet accessories, furniture, plastic parts and other professional firms. For the majority of furniture manufacturers to provide highly competitive quality, complete package of furniture components and solutions. Solutions are designed to help customers to reduce procurement costs, reduce mold investment, shorten new product development time, provide a complete and professional solutions and competitive product components. "Copyright, reproduced or quoted, please indicate the link and source」

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