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Price competition in the market will turn to the main high-quality, high-tech furniture

release time:2016-08-02 16:29:50

Market competition will be high-quality, high-tech plastic furniture accessories shift to price-based   As competition in-depth, hardware industrial chain profit margins are in various stages of compression, downward movement is dwindling, more and more companies recognize that price competition alone can not build the core competitiveness, not the direction of long-term development, in an effort explore new path of development, many hardware companies increased technical input to the development of new plastic furniture accessories products with high technological content, product differentiation as the long-term strategy of enterprise development, to seek new market demands, the establishment of new economic growth, in order to achieve sustainable development of enterprises. Domestic hardware companies in order to improve their strength more quickly expand the international market, will accelerate the integration and foreign enterprises to improve product quality, enhance competitiveness through various means, continue to expand in the United States, Japan and other traditional markets, while countries in Southeast Asia the Middle East, Russia, Europe, Africa, will provide full bloom. Overall, China's hardware industry will continue the momentum of structural adjustment, but will continue to be some bright spots, hardware companies polarization of the situation will only get worse, have to adapt to market competition, enterprises will exit the competition in the market through different channels, and hardware giant It will gradually emerge. With the rapid economic take-off, the rapid development of industry, the furniture industry's prosperity, furniture hardware industry will be more perfect into the new field. We hope, and believe, in the near future, China's furniture hardware manufacturer can provide furniture manufacturers to lower prices, better, more convenient to install hardware accessories sofa legs, furniture manufacturers can improve efficiency, reduce costs, always present the people-oriented principle, the pursuit of safe, convenient, environmentally friendly, efficient and continuous efforts in research and development of high-tech content of new products, catch up with the world's advanced level, to promote the development of China's light industry in the vast field of economic take-off can have in place. Mankind enters the 21st century, people have become increasingly demanding material culture, the pursuit of personalized home decoration, furniture is an essential and important part of home decoration, furniture and hardware accessories play a very important furniture in effect. Quality furniture depends on several aspects of styles, materials and the results, etc., used in the furniture surface with a variety of cabinet accessories decorative pieces for decoration, from the finishing point; will have to depend on the use of functional hardware accessories , and functional hardware to some extent determines the style of furniture.   "Copyright, reproduced or quoted, please indicate the link and source」

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