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Custom furniture business concept hype furniture, plastic furniture accessories without modification alone

release time:2016-08-02 16:27:21

Visited the major furniture stores found that many consumers is difficult to find a set of matching furniture and decor in the market, besides newly married young people do not want someone with their furniture a "Zhuangshan" phenomenon, which is custom-made furniture can be solved problem. Major urban areas more and more custom furniture products already covered home improvement, such as large cabinets, wardrobes, stairs, floors, etc. can be customized, various building materials, cabinet accessories can provide, the way to help customers to do the design and responsible for construction. The past, building materials in the hands of consumers to buy a product, businesses can only be responsible for the installation of a single product, it can not be all things considered overall coordination, style with other issues. Custom furniture designer based on different views and needs of consumers, design a different part of every consumer's furniture, and then to make the whole process takes about a month's time. Compared with the purchase of finished furniture, roughly the cost of the time, but they can make their own choices in color and style. Currently the city is still in the initial phase of adaptation custom furniture, original design rarely, most learn from other furniture styles to modify some parts of Central America posted relatively small pre-development costs, plus the cost of transport links and the marketing aspect is not present in its entirety cheaper than the market price of most mainstream furniture. But now custom furniture market as well as standards and norms are not perfect, the lack of uniform industry standards and other issues. Basically, due to the high flexibility of custom furniture, product range covers a wide range, size, complexity, etc., have determined such products can not be standardized with existing standards. In addition, some businesses are much-hyped concept, in fact, the core of the product differentiation is not obvious. Dongguan Hongxing Furniture Parts Co., Ltd. is located in Guangdong and Hong Kong economic corridor "furniture," said Houjie, convenient transportation. It is a production of furniture hardware accessories, Central America stickers, cabinet accessories, furniture, plastic parts and other professional firms. For the majority of furniture manufacturers to provide highly competitive quality, complete package of furniture components and solutions. Solutions are designed to help customers to reduce procurement costs, reduce mold investment, shorten new product development time, provide a complete and professional solutions and competitive product components. "Copyright, reproduced or quoted, please indicate the link and source」

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