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What kinds of elements are measured and key cabinet selection, detailed analysis of Kitchen Accessories

release time:2016-08-02 16:22:41

Baskets: species diversity to tailor  Baskets are a major feature of the cabinet accessories, but if the design does not meet people's daily habits will bring trouble. Baskets with a larger storage space, and it is reasonable to split the space, so that a variety of items and appliances "proper place", but also will make full use of space at the corner, to maximize use value.  According to different purposes, can be divided into basket stove basket, basket on three sides, drawer basket, dishes basket, profound basket, corner basket and so on. Stove basket, as the name suggests is generally placed below the stove, placed readily desirable dishes, plates; drawer basket area is relatively small, can accommodate colander, shovels, etc; higher profound basket, inside the compartment movable basket , larger capacity; basket for corner cabinets and other relatively large area. At the time of purchase, the consumer is best to introduce businesses aware of their habits, so that businesses will help you choose the most suitable type of your home basket.  Skirting board: to select non-wood skirting board  Skirting board merchant ships will use ABS material, stainless steel material to make a foot to support the cabinet body, then cover with skirting board corner to make the cabinet style uniform. Currently, there are wooden skirting board skirting board, PVC skirting boards, aluminum skirting board and other types. Wooden skirting board manufacturers are generally used to make the cabinet body when the rest of the scrap materials, low cost, but very close to the ground skirting board, wood material readily absorbing moisture, stickers affixed to Central America without science. Aluminum skirting board and PVC skirting board has a waterproof, moisture, no mold, no rust, but the high cost of aluminum skirting board, PVC skirting board is relatively economical, consumers can choose the right skirting board according to the actual situation.  Basin: The following protective film prolong life  Basin in the kitchen is to use a very high frequency of an object, so its choice is particularly important. The most common stainless steel basin, artificial stone, ceramic, stone products, depending on the owner's preferences and overall style kitchen set. If the style of the kitchen more stylish, avant-garde, stainless steel basin more appropriate. In order to prevent condensation water basin due to temperature changes naturally occurring immersion box, brand cabinets will prepare a layer of embossed aluminum waterproof protective film on the bottom surface of the cabinet below the basin, to extend the life of the cabinet, the cabinet purchase You can take a look at this product has no protective film.  Edge: aluminum edge to ensure long deformation  Spacer Edge cracking is more concentrated problem users reflect the brand cabinets generally use aluminum edge spacer frontier, pvc edge banding, strong metallic, prevent items falling against the spacer at the edge of the article to take hold lockers slide. Another place is the dust corner, we know that the cabinet corners easy and difficult to clean off the dust, brand cabinets will be placed in a transparent box in each corner of the cabinet interior, soft, made of silica gel with an active anti-dead device , usually easy to clean and very safe.       "Copyright, reproduced or quoted, please indicate the link and source」

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