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Kitchen cabinets little importance can not be ignored, sometimes you buy the right cabinet

release time:2016-08-02 16:19:31

Buy a cupboard, how to choose? Many consumers buy cabinets have such confusion, what kinds of elements are measured and key cabinet pick it? The industry believes that the cabinet must not underestimate accessories, accessories, if the quality is not good, your life will bring a lot of trouble. Hinges: When playing to see the installation of embedded parts Cabinet panel should switch several times a day, the hinge of the door not only to join the cabinet, but also to bear alone the weight of the door panel, high quality hinges in the door under the weight of more than ten kilograms case of continuous open and folded tens of thousands of times to ensure that the door does not sink. According to professionals, watching the hinge, the first concept of color Zecha thickness and quality of the hinge appears to have texture, thickness of about 1mm; the second depends on its installation, because the screw is easier to loose, so the brand cabinets in the installation in the first cabinet member bore into the embedded nylon expansion pipe, screws tighten progress embedded parts in more and more tightly, even bad embedded parts can be replaced. Rather than brand cabinets no embedded parts, a long time after the loose screws maintenance is also more difficult. I understand that some brands of furniture, cabinets and abroad will hinge manufacturer cooperation, consumer choices can see if there is product identification hinges. Quality hinge can be opened more than 90 degrees, can be stopped at any angle, it can automatically turn on 15 degrees. Drawer slides: both sides must be leveled Currently, the market is relatively common "pumping iron rails" and "damping pumping slide" two. Pumping iron rails general load is about 35 kg, pumping damping rail is between 45 kg to 70 kg, only pull silent, and increase loading capacity. According to Igor Kai by the professionals, pumping damping rails can reduce violent collision caused by mechanical noise and prevent premature aging of the metal parts, as well as an automatic function to remove dust. If the rail problems in addition to product quality, but off, there is a reason for this is installed improperly, it could not be on both sides of the leveling result. In general, consumers experiment alone and naked scene a short time, is still difficult to judge the quality of rail steel beads, the only effective way is to buy in a regular store brand products, many brands have chosen to cooperate and foreign rail manufacturers now domestic production of rails and foreign brands still have a gap, in order to ensure long drawer sliding freely, can also choose the superior performance of imported brands. "Copyright, reproduced or quoted, please indicate the link and source」

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