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Hardware accessories to "4" of have higher requirements, furniture casters hair must be constantly updated

release time:2016-08-02 16:18:34

With the development and progress of industrial technology, the production of furniture casters from the previous hand workshop, to today's mechanized production. Hardware accessories for versatility, interchangeability, functional, decorative with higher demand. Substrate diversity, structural reform and increase the use of functional role of furniture in the furniture hardware is no longer merely decorative and some moving parts connection, and its functionality is growing, more and more widely involved in the field of furniture manufacturing enterprises to improve production efficiency, reduce costs, improve product quality, enhance the competitiveness of domestic and foreign markets, create efficiency have played a positive role. New hardware accessories development and introduction, in function, style, update and improve the quality, but also gives a constantly updated development of furniture styles and functionality. Furniture hardware and decorative hardware can be divided into two major categories of hardware features, the level of industrial production in today's highly developed, both in the industrial design under the guidance of the theory, is gradually moving toward reunification. In order to improve the efficiency of production of furniture, to facilitate the production and design of furniture hole machining standardization, serialization and generalization, resulting in a series of 32mm, to achieve standardization and interchangeability strong furniture parts. Domestic furniture hardware after several years of increase and development, quality has been improved, except for a few high-tech functional accessories, the other has basically reached the international level of high-quality furniture hardware. Dark door hinge. Earliest furniture hinge is spring dumplings outside the chain, which hinges, there are some drawbacks: 1 easy to jump off the outer spring leaf wounding; 2 hinge cup is injection molded plastic, very strong; 3 when closed... collision will occur, particularly glass doors, will be dangerous; 4 cup hinge aging greatly affect its service life. After developed within the hinge spring, it avoids the spring bounce off the question, but the impact is not resolved when closed. Last couple of years developed two power hinges, hinge cup into steel or alloy, completely avoid the above problems can be parked in any location, only close to 15 ° about the last action of the spring began, gently closing the door , the useful life of more than 10 million times. Door accessories. The earliest is a simple sliding door, wheels are direct injection molding, extrusion molding track is adjusted is also very inconvenient, there will be noise during use, and plastic easy to aging, affect the life, it is a substitute kinds of plastic bearings instead of wheels, reducing noise, but less in terms of bearing, can not be installed on a large wardrobe door; Furthermore, they developed a heavy-duty hanging sliding door, sliding door fittings in which noise, bearing aspects It has been greatly improved, motion light, smooth, no noise, can be comparable with imported high-quality products. Drawer slides. The furniture is not the first slide, use, force, noise, and easy to slide out, dangerous. Now furniture generally have to spend underpinning drawer slides, sliding a smooth, light, and can automatically close to prevent slipping out. We have developed a style of ball slide, side rails, the bottom of the hidden type slide and so on. Three examples cited above, which shows the level of development of China's furniture hardware accessories, ordinary furniture hardware accessories, can replace imported hardware accessories, but high-tech functional ball bearing slide accessories, we have to admit, my there is still a gap. How to improve the furniture casters versatility, interchangeability, promote people-oriented, pay attention to safe, convenient, environmentally friendly, quick to make perfect products and so these issues, we also need to continue efforts to develop progressive. "Copyright, reproduced or quoted, please indicate the link and source」

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