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How the color and quality of good quality PVC edge banding identify it?

release time:2016-08-02 15:42:22

We all know that PVC Edge can give full play to the status quo by many factors, Edge now use more and more widely, the attendant there have been many manufacturers produce Edge, today we look at what factors affect PVC edge banding glue effect. Adhesive (bridging agent) PVC and not well bonded directly on the plate, adhesive quality is good or bad, directly affect the bonding effect. Especially in cold weather, when the room temperature is relatively low, hot melt adhesive, and the efficiency is greatly reduced, which is often attributed to the quality of the furniture manufacturers edge banding. The best approach is to replace a relatively high viscosity and purity of high temperature hot-melt adhesives, hot melt adhesive to improve the operating temperature, the ambient temperature increases, preheating Edge. Color and surface roughness of PVC edge banding and its quality are closely related, we usually judge their quality PVC edge banding should start to this aspect. Edge surface good color is also important, whether with color customized products close, gorgeous. If the surface is very rough, it also has a pull marks where quality is certainly not good, which is closely related to the surface quality of the edge. And this with the inner edge banding material is good or bad is not so much, the most important thing is the production of technical problems. Edge is a good surface must be smooth, no bubbles or little bubbles, little or no stretch marks stretch marks, moderate gloss, not too light or too matte. Of course, except for special requirements. In the furniture industry, PVC edge banding has become an indispensable tool, but we buy PVC edge banding is divided into a variety of specifications, and is made of PVC edge banding is extruded by a different Edge extruder produced. Today we'll look at the work of PVC Edge of the extruder.PVC封边条



PVC Edge extruder configure the appropriate host, molds and auxiliary machines, by mixing granulation processes can be used for a variety of plastic Edge of production, in the wood processing industry has a relatively wide range of applications. Applicable materials: PP, PE, PS, ABS, PVC and other special designed screw, barrel, to ensure high-speed extrusion equipment and excellent plasticizing effect, PVC Edge extruder production line for the production of PVC flat monochrome / wood edge banding, furniture edge, edge of cabinets, automotive plastic trim, console trim strips, lighting side of the package, U-shaped edge banding, T-type plastic, glass clip strips, smallpox soft film buckle trim, ceiling grid tape, sealing tape, stair handrails, crash bar, side of the package, the foot line, brick tiles income side of the strip, shutter doors; office furniture, gold, silver trim strips, trim strips game , wire ducts, plastic frame strip, lighting, shoes made of soft PVC transparent colored strips and ABS profile extrusion production line of plastic extrusion products; plastic profiles; plastic extrusion products. PVC edge banding when using paint off phenomenon occurs, this will seriously affect our use, so we have to understand why to solve. PVC edge banding own quality problems caused by paint off one important element. PVC Edge grease or dirt on the back too much, like some organizations wood PVC Edge gap is too large and other factors may affect the smooth progress of the painting process. Poor quality of the hot melt adhesive, hot melt adhesive using a low-temperature environment can not be a PVC edge banding edge of the plate with the attached adhesive furniture sufficient residual voids will limit the coated paint. Good surface properties of PVC edge banding, wear-resistant, repairable cut, the surface effect is also good, its patterns and colors can be close to the natural wood color wood with heat, oil and strength, hardness, high bending characteristics , may also have other color patterns, textured bottom surface after treatment or coating treatment of PVC Edge bonding effect is also very good. [Except where noted, content chosen by Hongxing furniture finishing, reproduced, please indicate the link and source] 

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