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Triple connections easy to use and universality

release time:2016-08-02 15:33:20

Triple into the eccentric screw nut. The eccentric member has a variety of specifications, you see the thickness of the sheet, the specifications have to refer you screw hole distance, nuts are generally standard, general standard hole diameter is 10. Furniture vertical connection between the board and the board, some special connections can achieve the level of connection of the two boards, as well as three board interconnect, generally used for MDF, HDF, particle board, triple consists of three parts: equivalent to the traditional triple in carpentry and nails Falcon groove structure. Are eccentric head (also known as eccentric nut, eccentric, eccentric, etc.), connecting rod (bolt), embedded nut (tied up, plastic, commonly known as plastic pellets) in three parts. Advantages triple connections are as follows: embedded nut: reinforced dedicated; connecting rod: a dedicated connection; eccentric head: to solve the problem between the locking plate. 



By up bolt, screw, eccentric combination of triple connections firmly. Triple connections can be repeated assembly and disassembly. This is also one of the advantages of the furniture. hidden. From the outer surface do not see the triple connections. Triple connections, reducing the use of adhesives. More environmentally friendly. Material: three-part materials are different, eccentric head material: Usually zinc alloy, aluminum, zinc alloy on the market but mainly; connecting rod material: generally iron, zinc alloy, iron + plastic three materials, wherein , generally with foreign iron and zinc alloy of two materials, due to the domestic furniture manufacturers claim is not so high, so widespread use of domestic iron + plastic connecting rods. Embedded nut: zinc alloy, plastic, nylon is the most common, three materials have their own strengths, different materials can be selected according to different requirements of customers. It appears triple connections, so that the furniture industry has a broad space for development, especially his disassembly functions realized by the previous home furniture production, small-scale workshop mode of operation developed into the production line at home assembly business model, which greatly reduces the cost of transportation of furniture, but also realized the furniture scale, industrialization, standardization of development. It can be said, it is a modern triple connections furniture to industrial scale, standardized development cornerstone. Triple connections, also known as even the three pieces of four are also called. Even the three pieces is divided into three parts, namely, hard plastic fasteners, screws and fasteners round connector. Connection utility to furniture of the board and the board, which is widely used in furniture. Most of today's furniture must be assembled at the user's site, installs quickly and easily, it should be attributed to connection of even the three pieces of convenience. Now the furniture, including cabinets, wardrobes, shoe racks, teaching furniture, office furniture, etc., sheet application mostly Melamine panels (substrate is particleboard or MDF), and this plate-made furniture are all connected by three member is connected. While it obviously highlights the rapidity of its use, but it is the traditional solid wood furniture wedges and glue connections compared to its durability and firmness on vastly different. "Unless noted, content chosen by Hongxing furniture finishing, please indicate the link at"

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