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Plastic furniture Edge features analysis

release time:2016-08-02 15:16:14

Furniture is wood-based panels as the main base, the plate is the basic structure of modular furniture disassembly, surface-decorated all man-made sheet metal parts connected together plus furniture. Furniture with removable, shape varied, stylish, easy to deformation, stable quality, affordable, and other basic features. Furniture combination of a variety of commonly used metal hardware connection, assembly and disassembly are very convenient, high-precision machining of furniture can be disassembled many times to install, easy to transport, because the substrate broke the physical structure of the original timber, so warm, when the humidity changes in the larger, plywood deformation better than wood, stable quality than the quality of solid wood furniture. Common furniture finishes veneer material (commonly known as veneer), wood paper (commonly known as stickers), PVC sheet, polyester paint surface (commonly known as paint) and the like. The latter three finishes typically used in middle and low furniture, and natural veneer finishes for high-end products. Furniture is a middle-density fiberboard or particleboard furniture craft were made of the surface veneer. This furniture is a large part of the wood grain simulation furniture. Currently veneer on the market some of the furniture is more realistic, gloss, feel so good, sophisticated technology products and the price is very expensive. Knowledge introduces plastics edge banding, furniture Edge is a general term of. {Plastic polymer compound is a synthetic polymer (polymer)}, also called the giant molecule or polymer, also commonly known as plastics (plastics) or resin (resin), free to change the body style. In Edge of the industry are common pvc edge banding, edge banding polyethylene, abs edge banding and the like. Edge of the polyethylene material used is polyethylene: common polyethylene can be divided into low-pressure polyethylene (LDPE), high-pressure polyethylene (HDPE) and linear high-pressure polyethylene (LLDPE). Among the three, HDPE has good thermal properties, electrical properties and mechanical properties, whereas the LDPE and LLDPE has good flexibility, impact resistance, and other film-forming properties. LDPE and LLDPE is mainly used for packaging films, agricultural film, plastic modification. ABS Edge is a thermoplastic engineering plastics, PVC edge banding is made using PVC referred to as PVC, thermoplastic resin made by the polymerization of vinyl chloride in the role of initiator. Vinyl chloride homopolymer. Vinyl chloride homopolymers and copolymers of vinyl chloride referred to as a vinyl chloride resin. It has good flexibility and impact resistance, so often used as a raw material for furniture Edge. pvc edge banding how to determine the price? The quality of general PVC furniture Edge is mainly composed of various aspects of PVC material, edge banding lines and design and processes influence the decision. PVC edge banding should be analyzed from the material toughness, not easy to be broken; material color more vivid; there is no obvious pungent taste. From the device and the process perspective, pvc edge banding strip has two kinds of rolling and extrusion, surface patterns have also paste PVC film printing ink, machinery and equipment to process excellence is essential to high-quality the elements of. 



Edge of the main ingredients of PVC polyvinyl chloride, based on polyvinyl chloride resin (PVC) as the main raw material of carbon, calcium carbonate, adding an appropriate amount of anti-aging agent, modifier, after mixing, calendering, vacuum forming, etc. technology from material. PVC edge banding according to the proportion of PVC and calcium carbonate, carbon added, you can put the production of PVC Edge into several grades. We have good, bad, for example. Here, the quality of security, is a relative term, a relatively good quality, those in poor quality Edge, since the proportion of calcium carbonate, carbon is relatively high so its chemical characteristics are stable and good quality. Poor quality of a general, two months or so there will be deterioration phenomenon. Its decline in the quality not as good as the quality of newly produced when. Can now more easily broken, Edge easier whitening phenomenon. Medium-quality shelf life is generally about three months time. But good quality edge banding due to its relatively high share of PVC components, the high stability of the product, the general deterioration does not occur and so on. Edge during storage should pay attention to moisture protection, deformation. So try to ensure that the warehouse clean and dry! 

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